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Welcome to Ann With a Plan!  I am here to give you confidence as a travel family and travel in general.  Seeing the world is my passion, and this blog is designed to ignite that same spirit in you!  I am here to assist in conquering fears and insecurities about traveling and helping to make memories that bring you joy for years to come.

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Based in South Jersey, Magic Carpet Travels

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A Toddler in Paris

We love to travel. That is not a secret. This pandemic has changed our ability to go and see the world. It has not changed our love of...


I know, I know, all you are thinking of is the Red Light District and weed. But I promise there is so much more! I’ve been to Amsterdam...

Moving to Europe

With my host family on the San Sebastian coast My first trip to Europe… I moved there. For real. My senior year of college I decided I...

That Hoodoo Voodoo

… Bryce do so well. According to ancient legend, hoodoos were beloved to be people whom the god Coyote turned to stone for misbehaving....

Flying with a Toddler

Flying isn’t a super-exciting activity for anyone. Especially a 2 year old who likes to run around, doesn’t sit still, and isn’t a great...

Montana Moments

Avalanche Lake, West Glacier, MT Montana was our most recent family vacation. And it was mostly amazing. I planned everything so well...

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